Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SLC Bands Part II: The Brobecks

Part II of the SLC feature:

Here's another band that you should -not- pass up. The infectious blend of piano rock with that good old fashion middle school pop-punk sensabillity a'la Green Day is just too much to resist. While I've somehow managed to blow every chance I've had to see these guys live, I reckon I'll see them soon - but their recordings say it all. I'd imagine that this is what Coldplay would sound like if they spent more time getting up in your grill rather than on self-contemplation. Sometimes you just have to rock the socks off. Check out the links below for a sampling of what this band can offer.

The Brobecks - Better Than Me

The Brobecks - Sleeping Pills

Buy Brobecks CDs from their website (below):


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