Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Weekly 6 Pack

Now that I've had some time to get my feet wet in the blogging world I think it's high time that I do this in a more organized fashion. I don't have the time to update this daily but I'll strive to post a number of different features each week. I'll try to get at least one album review up each week, a new/unsigned band feature and a 6 Pack of random songs that you should have. I'm sure I'll be able to manage more, but that's the minimum you should come to expect each week. Now, onto the first "6 Pack".

I'm posting my first "6 Pack" feature today. Each week I'll pick out 6 songs that I've been listening to a lot. There's not really a rhyme or reason to this, some will be new releases, some will be classic and others will just be from recent memory. If you haven't heard of the bands I'm posting and you generally like what I post, check 'em out!

[mp3] Soft - You Make Me Wanna Die

Soft has been hidden on my iPod for the past year and I've just recently rediscovered them. Don't be deceived by their name - they're anything but soft. The band provides a rich blend of heavy guitars, keyboards and psychedelic effects to please any lover of alternative rock from the past 15 years. I highly recommend these guys.

Visit their website (purchase their album there as well).

[mp3] Spoon - Paper Tiger

So, I uploaded this song yesterday, but I forgot to link it up. Thus, my six pack is completed now.

This one comes from Kill The Moonlight, an excellent CD to pick up if you haven't already. The song itself feels very different from the rest of the album - very trippy, excellent to listen to in headphones. It's one of those songs that you just sit in your car and finish listening to after you've already gotten to your destination - even if you're late.

Visit their website.
Buy some Spoon.

[mp3] Muse - Exo=Politics

Here's another track off the upcoming Muse album. This one has helped me regain my trust in the band. It feels like Muse again.

Sorry for the delay on this one my file server wouldn't let me upload for a few hours...

Visit their website.
Buy some Muse.

[mp3] Led Zeppelin - Misty Mountain Hop

If you don't have this song, you should. One of Zepp's finer moments off of one of their finer albums.

Buy some Zeppelin.

[mp3] Superdrag - Who Sucked Out The Feeling?

This is a rather obscure track from the 90's that I stumbled across in my local indie shop a few years back. Although Superdrag often was written off for just being another Nirvana rip off, they do it well enough to warrant a listen. If you're into The Vines, check these guys out.

Buy some Superdrag.

[mp3] BRMC - In Like The Rose

Although I prefer the more recent release, HOWL, their second album was still full of strong material. This song made me a believer in the band, definitely worth a listen if you listen to any indie rock whatsoever.

Visit their website.
Buy some BRMC.


Anonymous Evangeline said...

I took them all! Thanks!

8:54 PM  
Blogger earl grey said...

ah man, i haven't heard that superdrag track in forever.. excellent!

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Andrew said...

I can't wait to hear the muse track, they are amazing! I can't wait to buy the cd!

10:31 PM  
Blogger craiye said...

Muse track is up - sorry for the delay. It's pretty sweet.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous amp said...

I just listened to the whole muse cd the other night, and exo-polotics was probably the best song on it, the whole cd is so different than absolution and origin it was weird, but exo-polotics was the just wicked awesome. Exo and Knights of Cydonia are the 2 good songs from the cd.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

I think your 6 pack is 1 song short...

11:09 AM  
Blogger craiye said...

You're right - it was. I forgot to link up Paper Tiger while I was typing everything up. Fixed now, thanks Todd!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Celesté said...

i'm glad you posted about soft, i have been meaning to and just got around to it today!

5:44 PM  
Blogger sandpaperhearts said...

BRMC's brand new album BABY 81 is in stores now! Catch them on tour!
May 31 2007
Webster Hall New York, New York
Jun 1 2007
Theatre of the Living Arts Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jun 2 2007
9:30 Club WASHINGTON, Washington DC
Jun 4 2007
Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio
Jun 5 2007
The Music Mill Indianapolis, Indiana
Jun 6 2007
City Hall Nashville, Tennessee
Jun 7 2007
Roxy Theatre Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 9 2007
Culture Room Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Jun 10 2007
The Social Orlando, Florida
Jun 12 2007
Zydeco Birmingham, Alabama
Jun 13 2007
The Republic New Orleans, Louisiana
Jun 14 2007
Meridian Houston, Texas
Jun 15 2007
La Zona Rosa Austin, Texas
Jun 16 2007
House of Blues Dallas, Texas
Jun 17 2007
Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jun 19 2007
University Theatre Las Vegas, Nevada
Jul 7 2007
T In The Park Festival Kinross, Scotland
Jul 8 2007
Oxygen Festival Dublin, Dublin
Jul 10 2007
Leadmill Sheffield
Jul 11 2007
Academy Liverpool
Jul 12 2007
Met University Leeds
Jul 14 2007
Dessau Festival Dessau
Jul 16 2007
Paradiso Amsterdam
Jul 17 2007
Dour Festival Dour
Jul 18 2007
Sommerset House London
Jul 19 2007
Pyramid Portsmouth
Jul 20 2007
Anson Rooms Bristol
Jul 21 2007
Rock City Nottingham
Jul 24 2007
Gray Hall Copenhagen
Jul 25 2007
KB Malmo
Jul 27 2007
Storsjoyran Festival Ostersund

1:22 AM  

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