Thursday, July 06, 2006

Weekly 6 Pack

Since I was late last week, here’s helping number 2 (and all new stuff this time!):

Gin Blossoms - Learning The Hard Way

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard anything new from the Gin Blossoms but this track makes it seem like it’s been worth the wait. I listened to Congratulations, I’m Sorry hundreds of times through my adolescent years and it’s good to hear something fresh - but still familiar. Major Lodge Victory, a full Gin Blossoms LP, is due out August 8th. It keeps shaping up to be a great month!

Visit their website.
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Flickerstick - Clocks Run Backwards

I always take a lot of shit for saying that Flickerstick is one of my favorite bands and I don’t think this track will help me. Tarantula was everything the band was capable of, but now with Cory (lead guitar/keys) and Dominic (drums) out it seems like Flickerstick has taken a step backwards. I like parts of this song, and I know it’s a demo, but it doesn’t feel nearly as well-written as anything off of Tarantula. Still, it’s good to hear from the boys.

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Gran Bel Fisher - Crash and Burn

I recently got my hands on a pre-release of Fisher’s debut album Full Moon Cigarette and it has done nothing but impress. The album itself does something that most debuts just can’t do - it shows us the artists influences (in this case 70’s rock like The Doors, Zeppelin mixed with a bit o' jazz) while still making it sound new and fresh. Crash and Burn is the first single off the album and it’s starting to get some buzz. I’ll be doing my part to create more buzz (review and feature are both forthcoming) but do yourself a favor - get this track and tell a friend about it.

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Pre-order the album.

The Damnwells: Heartbreaklist

I’m making a promise now - this is the last Damnwells track I’ll post off of the new album. You’ll have to keep checking their myspace for more tracks. August 15th is the date for Air Stereo and I’m having trouble sleeping as is...

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Augustana - Heart Shaped Gun

Stars and Boulevards was a fantastic debut album and Augustana seems set to follow if this track has anything in common with what else is coming. Sunday Best was always a favorite of mine off he last album, this one has the same alt-country feel, but kicks it up a notch towards the end.

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Ray Lamontagne - Can I Stay

Last but not least is Ray with yet another August release (29th). Till The Sun Turns Black is said to be different than his debut, Trouble. This track stays close to Ray’s previous release, but the strings give a more polished feel than the simple reliance on the single guitar found in most places on Trouble. I’m really diggin' this song right now, to me it looks like the chances of a sophomore slump are slim to none if the rest of the album follows suit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

just FYI, that augustana link should be Without the music, it takes you to a church. Which wasn't what I had in mind when I clicked on it. . . though perhaps you're trying to convert your readers? :)

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