Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Ryan Adams: Cowboy Technical Sessions

In 2005 Ryan Adams re-established himself as the most prolific modern-day American songwriter by releasing 3(!) albums during the calendar year. Three albums in one year certainly seems outrageous in today's music scene, but if you look at Ryan's recording history then it becomes apparent that 2005 only comes out a bit higher than average. Fortunately for us, he was able to officially release nearly everything he recorded last year - this hasn't always been the case.

In total, Ryan has officially released 15 albums (with Whiskeytown, the Cardinals and as a solo artist). Even with all these official releases Ryan has managed to hit the studio approximately 15 more times during these years, with only about 12 tracks surfacing on official releases (i.e. Demolition). Today, I'll let you in on one of my favorites of these sexism's - The Cowboy Technical Sessions.

It's just 3 tracks, but they all hit home. Ghost is one of my favorite tunes, I never really understood why it never saw the light of day. My Love For You Is Real is just beautiful, no other way to describe it. Liar is the pure punch-in-the-gut rock that Ryan only gives out occasionally. This is a rough cut, it has since been re-recorded and released as a B-side. This version is much shorter, and much more aggressive.

For more info on Ryan's recordings, see here:

Answering Bell - Ryan Adams Discography


[mp3] Ghost
[mp3] My Love For You Is Real
[mp3] Liar

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Anonymous Dan Aloi said...

Ghost wasn't in the machine... I'll try again

I LOVE (and sing and play) My Love For You is Real, from a Sweden show a couple years back.

4:57 PM  
Blogger craiye said...

Ghost is up again, try it!

11:00 PM  
Anonymous kerry said...

Thank you SO much for these mp3s. I am a huge Ryan fan, these are much appreciated! :o) x

12:49 PM  

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