Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Starsailor: On The Outside

It looks like Starsailor is finally going to hit up the US with their latest album, On The Outside, in August. You can read a little more about here from Alternative Addiction. I'm not sure if it will live up to the hype - I've been a little disappointed since Love Is Here.

I've managed to snag a song from the import version, let me know what you think.

[mp3] This Time

EDITED 6/21/06: Sorry, I forgot this one was actually on Silence Is Easy, though this mix is a little different. Still, enjoy the Starsailor. Thanks for the catch Todd and Stu!

[mp3] Four or The Floor

Visit Starsailor's website.
Buy their albums.


Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

Isn't '4 to the Floor' off of their last album?

6:16 PM  

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