Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flickerstick: Before BOTR

Flickerstick easily qualifies as one of my favorite bands of all time - and just with 2 albums out. I (like most who found them) first saw them on VH1's Bands on the Run. I was hooked, and I will also proudly say it was the first and last reality show I've ever seen.

The thing that set Flickerstick apart from the other bands was their talent. They were all lazy bastards, they never took part in -any- competitions, and when they did they lost. Luckily for them (and me) VH1 had a battle of the bands before kicking any band off. Whomever won the battle couldn't be kicked off. Flickerstick won every single time. They can just flat out put on a show - none of the other bands had half of the live presence that Flickerstick does. Essentially, this is why VH1 canceled the series - Flickerstick broke the formula, so it wasn't worth trying again. Too bad.

I recently rediscovered some unreleased Flickerstick from their early days. The discography from this time is a little tough to come by, but from what I can decipher these seem to have been on the "Chloroform The One You Love" EP, out a few years before their first release on 226 records (Welcoming Home the Astronauts).

I know, the MP3s are encoded at a low bitrate, but it's as high as I could find them. Just remember - this is EARLY demos, not what they're doing right now. I'll be posting more Flickerstick sometime in the future, so take what you hear now and multiply it by about 1000, that's how much better they sound now.

[mp3] International
[mp3] Supersonic Dreamer

Buy some Flickerstick here.


Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

The only good thing television ever did for me was bring me Flickerstick once a week. I loved watching them f around and drink and bone. Then I saw VH1 air a live version of "Direct Line To The Telepathic" at the end of an episode that Flickerstick won. I was blown away by the modern day Floyd-like space rock of a reality TV band. Nowadays I tend to forget they were even on the show. "Tarantula" is one of the best albums of the 00's.

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