Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Band of Annuals

I was going to post about this band right when I started but lizzy over at Come Pick Me Up beat me to the punch. I feel like they deserve some more hype, here's my take on them...

I first heard the Band of Annuals (then known simply as The Annuals) in the fall of '05. I met a friend at a Limbeck show in Salt Lake for old times sake and thankfully it turned out to be more than your average 10 dollar show. The first opener was bland enough that I've forgotten their name, some pop-punk trio, but I still remember seeing The Annuals start setting up - I knew from the moment I saw the lap steel guitar that this band was going to give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

To make a long story short, the performance was amazing enough for me to warrant coming out of my wallflower shell and actually talk to the band members after the show. One thing led to another and eventually I talked them into playing a show with my band in Logan. Since the scene here in my hometown is pretty shitty (just your average hardcore and punk bands for the most part) the crowd didn't really take much away from a 5 piece alt-country act, but there were at least a few who really recognized the talent the was playing for them.

I'd like to share my favorite tracks from their 2005 debut, Repondez. It's the kind of alt-country that I'd assume Ryan Adams would be making every other year if he had a touch more self-control.

By the way, this band comes with my highest of recommendations - if you like anything resembling alt-country, you'll love them!!

[mp3] San Francisco Take Me Back
[mp3] A Brief Moment of Hapiness

Check them out on myspace
for tour dates and purchase information.

In case you haven't checked it out yet, check out the new MP3 player on the sidebar! I'll try to keep this updated with the latest songs I post!


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