Friday, July 07, 2006

Halftime Awards

We just passed the halfway point a week ago so I’ve
decided to put up my thoughts about the year so far. Who knows how much of this will survive until the end of the year, here goes!

m=download an mp3, w=visit the artist's website, b=buy their albums

Best New Band:

Wolfmother (m,w,b)

Rock is back. What else needs to be said?

Runners Up: Arizona (m,w), The Raconteurs (m,w,b), Band of Horses (m,w,b)

Best New Solo Artist:

Gran Bel Fisher (m,w,b)

It's always nice to hear a new voice that can mix up the old with the new. Fisher does an excellent job from start to finish on the forthcoming release...

Runner Up: Imaad Wasif (m,w,b)

Record of the Year (by a Solo Artist):

Donovan Frankenreiter: Move By Yourself (m,w,b)

I flip flopped a lot on this. The Believer was solid, but Donovan is just so funky on this release. Definetly a must have for the summer, with windows down.

Runners Up: Rhett Miller: The Believer (m,w,b), Mason Jennings: Bonecoulds (m,w,b)
Upcoming: Sufjan Stevens: The Avalanche (m,w,b), Pete Yorn: Nightcrawler (m,w,b), Ray Lamontagne: ‘Till The Sun Goes Black (m,w,b)

Record of the Year (by a Band):

Secret Machines: Ten Silver Drops (m,w,b)

Being a huge Pearl Jam fan, it was hard to admit this one. The Secret Machines got it done though, this album is a masterpiece.

Runners Up: Pearl Jam (self titled) (m,w,b), Wolfmother (self titled) (m,w,b)
Upcoming: The Damnwells: Air Stereo (m,w,b), Arizona: Welcome Back Dear Children (m,w)

I know that this list doesn’t have a lot of straight up indie acts (Sound Team, Danielson, Islands etc) but I just didn’t feel like much in the indie scene was worth putting on this list right now. We’ll see if my opinion changes by the end of the year...


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