Friday, April 14, 2006

The Zutons - Tired of Hangin' Around

The Zutons have a new CD out next week. Unfortunately for us in the US, it's a UK only release for the time being, so I may have to pay an import price to get one to me.

I've managed to snag a few tracks from the upcoming album, it sounds just as rockin' as the last one, so get ready!

[mp3] Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?
[mp3] Hello Conscience

Pre-order the new album here.


Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

I remember standing less than 3 feet away from the bass player of The Zutons during "Zuton Fever" in SLC in the summer of 2004. I had a few drinks in me and I was totally digging their sound. I had never been into an opening band that I'd never heard of before like I was with The Zutons. I glanced back at Kraig and Stu to see if it was the liquor talking or if these guys were the shit. The nods and enthusiastic thumbs up made me realize that the fever had spread to my friends. I later met up with dave (vox and guitar) and the lead guitarist (fro and mustache) and had some gin and tonics while they told me about their start in Liverpool, England. I ended up getting their cd from Kraig a couple days later and listened to it non-stop for months. I spread the fever as best as I could, getting everyone hooked along the way. I even had a chance to see these guys live at Shepard's Bush in the UK, but it was sold out upon my arrival. I just stood outside the venue till the show was over and talked to all the fans that were at the show. We all sang along to "You Will You Won't" on the subway ride home. Now what band can have that effect on me? The Zutons!

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