Sunday, September 24, 2006

NEW Ryan Adams: Lovely and Blue

Well, this isn't particularly new, but it's at least new enough for me to consider it new.

This one was streaming off of Ryan's new site about a month ago, but was taken down rather abruptly.

There seems to be a bit of debate about this track - some say it's a preview of the Rock 'n Roll Vol. 2 album Ryan has hinted at, others say it's just a joke, maybe not even Ryan. My opinion - it rocks. And it's definitely Ryan. Decide yourself.

[mp3] Ryan Adams: Lovely and Blue

Visit Ryan's official website.
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Blogger heather said...

Hi! Isn't this song called France?

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was called that until a little while ago

7:49 PM  
Anonymous IanB said...

I love Ryan Adams, except when he is in 'Rock n Roll' mode ! I personally hope he never releases a part 2 of that awful album !! Sounds like it belongs on some tacky American high school movie !!
Love the blog by the way, just not this track !

3:47 AM  

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