Saturday, April 15, 2006

Glen Phillips: Demos

Better known as the frontman for the early 90's sensation Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips truly came into his own last year with the release of "Winter Pays For Summer". While it doesn't seem that his former label (Lost Highway) agrees with me on this, I put "Winter..." down in my top 10 albums released last year.

So, with the announcement of not just one, but two (2) new releases in the next month by Glen, I thought I'd post a few demos to get everyone in the mood. Check out the demo for "Easier", a song that ended up appearing on "Winter..." as well as a demo for Marigolds from the upcoming "Mr. Lemons". I've always preferred the demo of Easier compared to the version that appeared on the album - the version for d/l here is just a little darker, more rock.

[mp3] Easier (Demo)
[mp3] Marigolds (Demo)

Check out Glen's site for more info on his upcoming LP "Mr. Lemons" as well as the recently released EP "Unlucky 7" featuring out-takes from "Winter Pays For Summer".

Buys some Glen here.

PS: There's some streams from "Mr. Lemons" at Glen's Myspace.


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