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While roaming the "blog-scene" this past week I've come across 2 lists that have really pissed me off. The lists are below, the first of which is a list of the 100 greatest living songwriters. The list below it are the "10 Greatest Albums of All Time" according to some dumb Brits.

100 Greatest Living Songwriters (Paste Magazine):

100 T-Bone Burnett
99 Outkast
98 Jay Farrar
97 Josh Ritter
96 Jimmy Cliff
95 Patti Smith
94 Sam Phillips
93 Joseph Arthur
92 Alejandro Escovedo
91 Drive-By Truckers
90 Nick Cave
89 Victoria Williams
88 Parliament
87 Lyle Lovett
86 Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)
85 David Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Headphones)
84 They Might Be Giants
83 Fleetwood Mac (Buckingham, Nicks, McVie)
82 John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats)
81 The Flaming Lips
80 Pink Floyd
79 Stephen Malkmus (Pavement, Silver Jews)
78 Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices)
77 Bruce Cockburn
76 Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy
75 Ron Sexsmith
74 Over the Rhine
73 Julie Miller
72 Michael Jackson
71 Vic Chestnutt
70 Alex Chilton (Big Star, The Box Tops)
69 Merle Haggard
68 Allen Toussaint
67 Conor Oberst
66 Charles Thompson (aka Frank Black/Black Francis) (Pixies, The Catholics)
65 Bill Mallonee (Vigilantes of Love)
64 Andy Partridge (XTC)
63 Richard Thompson
62 Sting
61 John Hiatt
60 Jimmy Webb
59 Jack White
58 Sly Stone
57 Morrissey
56 James Brown
55 Dolly Parton
54 Aimee Mann
53 James Taylor
52 Paul Westerberg
51 Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham
50 Public Enemy
49 Cat Stevens
48 Gillian Welch / David Rawlings
47 Sufjan Stevens
46 David Byrne
45 Jackson Browne
44 Al Green
43 Ryan Adams
42 Loretta Lynn
41 Ray Davies
40 Burt Bacharach & Hal David
39 Led Zeppelin
38 Kris Kristofferson
37 Smokey Robinson
36 Beck
35 Steve Earle
34 John Fogerty
33 Pete Townshend
32 Leiber & Stoller
31 Carole King
30 John Prine
29 Tom Petty
28 Robbie Robertson
27 Radiohead
26 REM
25 Chuck Berry
24 Jeff Tweedy
23 Elton John / Bernie Taupin
22 Lucinda Williams
21 Lou Reed
20 Van Morrison
19 Patty Griffin
18 U2
17 Holland - Dozier- Holland
16 David Bowie
15 Willie Nelson
14 Stevie Wonder
13 Paul Simon
12 The Rolling Stones (Jagger/Richards)
11 Randy Newman
10 Prince
9 Joni Mitchell
8 Elvis Costello
7 Brian Wilson
6 Leonard Cohen
5 Paul McCartney
4 Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan
3 Bruce Springsteen
2 Neil Young
1 Bob Dylan

This one pisses me off the most. Honestly, how can you put up a 100 greatest and leave off the best songwriters of Generation X (Pearl Jam). This is insane. No Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins or Oasis. I guess the 90's never happened. The other omissions that have me steamed are Mason Jennings, Ben Harper and Pete Yorn. I feel these guys write stonger material than Outkast (99), at the very least...

Here's a few reasons I DO agree with the Neil at #2 selection:

[mp3] Cortez The Killer
[mp3] Long May You Run

I'd rather listen to Neil than Bob, but I know Bob deserves the #1 spot.

10 Greatest Albums of All Time (

1. "Definitely Maybe," Oasis
2. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," The Beatles
3. "Revolver," The Beatles
4. "OK Computer," Radiohead
5. "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?" Oasis
6. "Nevermind," Nirvana
7. "The Stone Roses," The Stone Roses
8. "Dark Side of the Moon," Pink Floyd
9. "The Queen Is Dead," The Smiths
10. "The Bends," Radiohead

Don't get me wrong - I love Oasis, but better than The Beatles? I don't think so.

Here's 2 convincing arguments for why The Beatles are better than Oasis:

[mp3] Taxman
[mp3] Getting Better

I feel that Revolver is the #1 album, but I KNOW it has to be The Beatles regardless of which one you pick.

Well, now you know my opinions, let's hear what you think.


Blogger Ivan said...

White Album and Abbey Road are missing from that list...

4:20 AM  
Anonymous Quentin Slikely said...

The songwriter list is pretty decent, hardly anyone's presence I could argue with, apart from the Emperor's New Clothes Band (Bonio & his mates) being on the list at all, let alone that high.
As for the other - the NME's usp has always been that they talk more cr*p than anyone else on earth - sell copies by giving people something to argue about. How seriously can someone expect to be taken if they put a pair of vacant plagiarists in the number one slot? (and not even place Lucinda's 'Essence'!).

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Yvash said...

Why the bloody hell is Nick Cave at 90 in that Paste 'top 100' list? Top 5 at the very *least*, right alongside Tom Waits. I'm not seeing Nick Drake, either. Nor Rufus Wainwright (or any of the Wainwright family).

As for the N.M.E one, that was aparently a poll taken world wide. Us 'dumb brits' might publish the magazine but for god's sake don't assume we all actually agree with the inane crap it produces.

All lists like this are essentially a crock of crap designed to cause interest. The whole 'top 100' lists thing always makes me feel cynical.

7:33 AM  
Blogger craiye said...

I wasn't assuming that all the Brits were agreeing with the 10 greatest albums, just the ones who compiled the list. I read more into it and apparently they just polled people in the UK and asked them what their favorite album to listen to was...and somehow that makes it the greatest of all time? I don't get it.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

The Beatles changed the world. Oasis just wrote good songs and crafted some great albums based on The Beatles.. which is cool by me, but seriously, you can't compare the two.
1- Revolver
2- Abbey Road
3-10 Doesn't really matter if you own 1 and 2

2:22 PM  
Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

Bob Dylan is #1. I can't argue with that. The list is pretty sad though. I mean no Mason Jennings? WTF? Kraig, you owe Mason a blog soon and you know it!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous NPT said...

So, Ron Sexsmith is 75 and Tim Hardin...isn't on the list. Which planet?

8:09 PM  
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Blogger Derek said...

Where the fuck is is Ben Gibbard on that this? Whether you like Death Cab For Cutie or not, you take a look at some of the lyrics and it blows Outcast out of the water.

2:27 AM  

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