Thursday, October 05, 2006

Now, for something *highly* recommended...

You know when you find a new band that you simply want to scream about to anyone with ears???? Libbie fits that bill, take a listen.

First off, you should shake off any of the normal stereotypes that come to mind when seeing a picture of a girl with a guitar. This isn't Avril and this certainly isn't Michelle Branch. The person in the photo above is named Libbie Linton and quite simply put - she's amazing.

I've known Libbie for a few years now and I'm very excited for you all to hear her. She's been writing and playing songs for a while now, though until recently it was more or less just for herself. The tracks below are from Libbie's Shackleton EP, her debut effort. The songs have a distinct "indie-folk" feel, the comparisons that come to my mind would be The Decemberists or Iron & Wine.

I just recommend a listen for yourself. Trust me - you won't regret it.

[mp3] What's Left
[mp3] Shakleton, I'm Solid

Visit Libbie's official website.

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