Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A cure for insomnia...

It looks like life has once again gotten in they way of blogging. I'll try to be more consistent about these updates, it's just been crazy the last few weeks...and the playoffs haven't helped matters. But, onto the music.

Obviously, I like to listen to music. I've found that I sometimes need music to get me to sleep since I believe I have a mild case of insomnia. This little (well, not really little) track has been helping me sleep lately. It's called Cobra by My Morning Jacket.

If you haven't heard MMJ before than you're in for a treat. I've heard it described as "trippy alt-country" but that doesn't really do it justice. I don't really hear alt-country in these guys. They're just a jam band that loves reverb. Be forewarned - this download is 33MB, the song is some 25 minutes or so but it's all gold.

My normal file host won't let me upload this one because it's so friggin' huge, let me know if you have problems since it's on a different server...

[mp3] Cobra

Visit the MMJ official website here.
Buy some MMJ here.
You can also check them out on emusic!


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