Friday, April 28, 2006

Ryan Adams: Jacksonville out-take

Before I get into today's post I figured I should let all of you know that I officially switched over to a different file server. All of the previous posts have been edited so all of the links now work. If you have trouble downloading any files, please just let me know by commenting or emailing me. Now, onto today's' post:

Jacksonville City Nights was the second release from Ryan in 2005. After Cold Roses I was very excited for this release; sadly, it disappointed. The CD isn't weak, it just wasn't what I was expecting after Cold Roses. If you're looking for another rockin' double disc, you'll also be disappointed since Jacksonville is basically a 50's country album. But if you're into 50's country then you should buy 5 copies.

It's grown on me over time but I really wish this track would have been included. It's called "Tell Me What Sin Replaces Love?" and it was recorded in the Jacksonville sessions. It also made it onto the Japanese version. Damn, they love rock 'n roll over in Japan.

[mp3] What Sin Replaces Love?

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Visit Ryan's official website for more information about him.


Anonymous JC said...

I'd just like to thank you for posting the sample mp3's of these artists. I found your blog by accident, but have spent quite some time reading what you have to say and have downloaded several mp3's. Yes, I did read rather than just d/l and run.
I have varied taste in music and I enjoy that variety. Through your blog, I have discovered a few new artists that I can say I enjoy listening to - thanks for that gift of music. I will be buying some CD's of these guys - many of which I never knew existed.
I have my own (private) blog that is used to communicate with family. You can be sure that I'll soon expose them to some of the gifts you present here. I know how time consuming this can be, so I appreciate the effort and time you spend with this blog. You not only expose these awesome artists so people can buy their music, but you share some of your insight and feelings about the music itself. It's cool to visit a blog that isn't consumed with "me, me, me" or shitty poetry. Thank you - I'll keep visiting. Peace.

10:39 AM  
Blogger Ekko said...

Dude, Ryan hasn't said shit about his label letting two bloggers get prosecuted and potentially face 11 YEARS in prison. For blogging! Ryan is a smug jerkoff who owes much of his success to bloggers and now has turned and bit the hand that feeds him. We all should boycott him until he comes out against the prosecution.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous spike73 said...

8:30 PM  

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