Friday, May 05, 2006

The Damnwells

I know that lizzy over at Come Pick Me Up has been buzzing about these guys for a while, but I figured I'd help reinforce the buzz...

I first heard of these guys in October of 2004 after an Old 97's concert in Salt Lake City. It was cold and rainy outside of the trashy exit of Brick's, but there were two very persistent people handing out CD singles regardless of the weather. I think I was about the only one who bit and took one, for this I am thankful.

On the ride home I listened to what I came to find out was a promo CD for The Damnwells that included Sleepsinging and Kiss Catastrophe from their recently released LP "Bastards of the Beat". I was so entranced with the CD that I didn't sleep after the 2 hour drive home, I instead looked up as much information as I could on The Damnwells. The next day I went out and bought "Bastards of the Beat".

If you haven't heard their LP, do yourself a favor and go buy it. It's a perfect mix of alt. country and power pop - think Tonic meets "Cold Roses" by Ryan Adams. I've used this CD many times as an introduction to alt country - it's probably the most accessible album the genre has.

I've included a few of my favorite tracks from "Bastards of the Beat" as well as some demos that they have posted on myspace over the past few months.

From "Bastards of the Beat":
[mp3] What You Get
[mp3] Kiss Catastrophe

[mp3] Jesus Could Be Right
[mp3] Soundtrack
[mp3] She's the New York City Skyline

Visit their official webpage here.
Their myspace is here.
Buy The Bastards of the Beat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

another fine post on a really great band. thanks for the myspace tracks. seeing this post led me back to the bands website and from there to the damnwells message board which if you trawl through it then leads to three great downloadable zips. one is for their unplugged world cafe appearance, another to a short radio session and interview and the third to a load of demos of mainly unreleased songs. all three are devilshly slow to download but well worth the effort. the damnwells are a great great band and totally masterful live.
Jaylia Strange

6:39 AM  

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