Saturday, May 13, 2006

Daddy's in the Doldrums, Baby's Got the Bends

In case you haven't heard the news, Thom Yorke recorded a solo album under the name The Eraser. I guess it will be out soon, but I'm a little scared of it...sounds like lots of electro mumbo jumbo. In other Radiohead news, they're touring again...and they're playing some new songs that have been bootlegged. Check this link out for a download of a live & acoustic take of 3 new Radiohead songs. Much thanks to Heather at I am Fuel You are Friends!

But in the spirit of all things Radiohead, I decided to put up a few songs you may like from some bands that wish they were the great ones.

First is Endochine. This band caused a lot of stir in 2002 with their debut album, Day Two. It looks like they have vanished now, but this record is definitely worth a spin if you're into The Bends.

While The Secret Machines may not have a lot of resemblance to Radiohead on their first two albums, they're latest effort (Ten Silver Drops) is certainly in the same vein at some points. Daddy's In the Doldrums really gave me that "floaty' feeling that Radiohead is inspires when they are at their best.

Muse is certainly the king in the "Radiohead-esque" genre. Showbiz and Absolution are often given harsh reviews for just rehashing The Bends...but sometimes, that's really all I want (and Muse does a hell of a job with it).

Since I'm feeling generous today, I'll put up a few of my favorite tracks from my favorite Radiohead record (you guessed it) - The Bends.

[mp3] Enough About You
[mp3] Stalker
Buy Day Two!

Secret Machines
[mp3] Daddy's In The Doldrums
Buy their albums here.

[mp3] The Small Print
[mp3] Muscle Museum
Buy their albums here.

[mp3] Planet Telex
[mp3] My Iron Lung
Buy their albums here.


Blogger Bandit Drummer said...

God damn, I love Radiohead. The Bends is awesome, but I must say that Hail To The Thief is my favourite album. Thanks for the solo Thom Yorke tip as well as the Radiohead new live stuff. You da man Craiye Dawg!
(p.s. - you missed a rockin' practice today!)

1:31 AM  

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