Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pearl Jam: Stream the album

I know I'm going to take some heat from this...but I don't care.

I love Pearl Jam and it doesn't really bug me that the indie world has decided that Pearl Jam isn't "cool", I'd rather listen to them then Tapes 'n Tapes any day. I guess I'll just wait until Pitchfork gives this a good review, then all the indie kids will "magically" think PJ is cool again, right?

While I decided I'm going to wait to pop in the self-titled album until Tuesday, you can choose otherwise. Stream the whole thing here.

I've heard the two songs they've released (World Wide Suicide and Unemployable) and it reminds me of the Vs. and Vitalogy days. I've uploaded a few tracks from that era that you may or may not have heard. Alone and Wash were re-recorded and put on the Lost Dogs Double CD but these are the original versions. Brother is worth a listen, even with the sub-par quality. Sonic Reducer and I've Got a Feeling are both covers.

[mp3] Alone
[mp3] Wash
[mp3] Brother
[mp3] Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)
[mp3] I've Got a Feeling (Beatles cover)

Buy some Pearl Jam here.
Visit the official website here.


Blogger allen algan said...

Hi, man. Who the f?*k cares 'bout bloody indie world? You? Pearl was always was it is, and they don't have anything to apologize for. All that money showbiz stuff is not about them. They write song they like, and we too like them and listen. THat's easy as that

8:54 PM  

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