Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now, due to popular demand...

I give you 2 new tracks from the (hopefully) forthcoming Pete Yorn album. I've also included the cover "Splendid Isolation" that I bumped into a few weeks ago.

Pete has released 3 tracks from the new album onto myspace over the past few months (though they have now all been taken down), I've only been able to nab 2 of them so far. Here you go, you can thank yourselves for being so demanding.

[mp3] For Us
[mp3] Old Boy
[mp3] Splendid Isolation

Visit Pete's website for the latest news.
Buy some Pete Yorn here.

Again, I'm using a new filehost now so if you encounter any problems either email me or post a comment.


Blogger heather said...

keep the pearl jam love alive!!!

fabulous post, as always. i really like practically every single artist you have posted on in your short existence, so good job! head on over, oh, probably later today, to get some more yorn stuff you may or may not have, and I will give you props as well for these. thanks!!!!!

7:53 AM  
Blogger Stu said...

i still claim that petey only released 2 songs off the upcoming album on the myspace. However, if you do come across a third one I will happily listen to it and thank you for proving me wrong.

12:50 PM  
Blogger craiye said...

There were 3 man, one came out a long time ago though...if you don't believe me go to the pete yorn board at his site, people are all talkin about it...

2:21 PM  

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