Monday, April 24, 2006

Big Paul Strange/Radiojones

The old of 1999 was such a great place for finding music. I still haven't found a place that was as easy to use or that is as loaded with great, free music as that site was. While I was browsing in my middleschool years I happened to stumble across a few artists whom I still follow today. Big Paul Strange was the best of the crop, so I decided I'd share some of his music (and an update) with all of you.

Big Paul Strange (aka Paul Trudeau) was the only person I ever found on that released a full album for free. It's hard to compare the album since it spans so many genres, but as a whole it feels like something The Wallflowers could put out. Paul also showed a knack for writing Beatles-esque songs - check out Mr. Peaceman, Safe Side and Don't Tell Sandy if you love anything post Rubber Soul or Oasis in general.

I wasn't able to find much information about Paul Trudeu until a few years ago, when he posted a few more songs onto He was through using the BPS moniker, now just going as Paul Trudeau. The newer songs followed the same general route as the older material, hard to define but still very catchy.

This last weekend I found another update on Paul. He's now formed a new band (radiojones) that seems to have found some success. I've linked up to 3 songs that are available for download on the radiojones official website.

Big Paul Strange
[mp3] Fireball *
[mp3] Don't Tell Sandy *
[mp3] Walking To Eden
[mp3] Mr. Peaceman
[mp3] Safe Side

Paul Trudeau
[mp3] What's Your Name?
[mp3] Helpless

[mp3] Fireball
[mp3] Desperately
[mp3] Forgotten

Visit for more information and to purchase the new album!

*original recordings from Big Paul Strange. These are NOT the same versions that appear on the radiojones CD.

PS: I'm trying a new file server, it seems to be working a lot better. If it has problems, let me know. I'm planning on re-uploading all the previous songs onto the new server.


Blogger Stu said...

ya, love the BPS! Hopefully radiojones works out so I can hear some more good stuff from him.

1:19 PM  

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