Monday, October 16, 2006

The dangers of studio time...

Not much can get me more excited than new music from Ryan Adams. Yes, yes - he probably records and releases more than is good for him, but it still always gets me excited to know I'll get to hear some thing new.

Ryan posted 36 new "songs" on his website last week, which probably got me more excited than it should have. From my experience recording in a studio, I understand where these tracks came from. Sometimes you just get frustrated with the songs you're actually trying to record, and songs like these result.

The first 20 some odd songs are all old school, punk Ryan Adams (The Finger, anyone?). The last chunk seem to be just random country doodlings with rooster noises, claps and lyrics about drinking too much. All pretty silly, but hey - my band ended up recording an album about my roomate and his potential encounters with homosexual robots when recording once, so I can relate.

Here's a few tracks:

[mp3] Unicorns for Sale
[mp3] Lord, I Drink Too Much

You can download the whole package here (courtesy of some fine people over at RAO). It also includes the other songs that have streamed off his website (Dot com muthafucka), so enjoy and laugh. We'll all have some real Ryan Adams soon...

Visit Ryan's (kick ass) website here.


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