Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Blog

Hey everyone...

First off I wanted to apologize to those of you out there who still see this old blog. I'd nearly forgotten about it in all the hustle and bustle of getting married and starting back to school a few years ago, but I figured I should post something today. I know the updates suddenly stopped, but I do have some good news now:

I've started up a new blog with 2 friends of mine. The reason I decided to stop "going it alone" was because I figured this would help me to not have the same result the second time around (the blog dying due to lack of updates). We're just getting started, the name of the blog is Sell the Lie. It's going to be quite similar to this one as far as the music that's posted but you should be seeing more frequent updates since there's now 3 authors now instead of one.

I'm quite excited for this new adventure and I'm hoping that those of you still out there will jump on over. Here's the site again:


Thanks - hope to see you there!


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