Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Adam Elk: Labello

Adam Elk's solo debut (Labello) in 1999 is an album that you should have, but probably don't. Adam spent most of the 1990's fronting The Mommyheads and playing a minor role in the 90's indie/alternative movement headed by the likes of Pavement. It seems that his solo album sank through the cracks, much as his work with The Mommyheads did.

Labello is a beautiful pop album. This isn't modern day pop - this is your grandad's pop. Well crafted hooks, excellent production and enough funk and soul to satisfy any child of the 70's. It's really too bad that this album didn't come out about 2 years later when Maroon 5 cashed in on the same formula.

Anyways, if you like 70's funk or if you like Maroon 5 but you're too cool to admit it, check out Adam Elk. Nobody knows him, so it's cool...

[mp3] Big Wheel
[mp3] Too Much of Nothing
[mp3] Feeding a Jealous Mind

Buy Labello here.
This is the only page I could find devoted to Adam Elk...
Go here for more information about The Mommyheads.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Now a request...

I got an email inquiring about some new Keane songs, so I took some time out to track down some info.

While Keane isn't a favorite band of mine, they can hit the spot. I saw them in SLC, though I do have to say that Brendan Benson stole that show. We'll see who they are touring with this next time around...

New album out (Under The Iron Sea) on June 20th in the states, I've included a link for their new single below as well an unreleased track they put up on myspace. Believe it or not, that's not guitars in the intro...sounds like Zooropa.

[mp3] Is It Any Wonder?
[mp3] The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A cure for insomnia...

It looks like life has once again gotten in they way of blogging. I'll try to be more consistent about these updates, it's just been crazy the last few weeks...and the playoffs haven't helped matters. But, onto the music.

Obviously, I like to listen to music. I've found that I sometimes need music to get me to sleep since I believe I have a mild case of insomnia. This little (well, not really little) track has been helping me sleep lately. It's called Cobra by My Morning Jacket.

If you haven't heard MMJ before than you're in for a treat. I've heard it described as "trippy alt-country" but that doesn't really do it justice. I don't really hear alt-country in these guys. They're just a jam band that loves reverb. Be forewarned - this download is 33MB, the song is some 25 minutes or so but it's all gold.

My normal file host won't let me upload this one because it's so friggin' huge, let me know if you have problems since it's on a different server...

[mp3] Cobra

Visit the MMJ official website here.
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You can also check them out on emusic!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Daddy's in the Doldrums, Baby's Got the Bends

In case you haven't heard the news, Thom Yorke recorded a solo album under the name The Eraser. I guess it will be out soon, but I'm a little scared of it...sounds like lots of electro mumbo jumbo. In other Radiohead news, they're touring again...and they're playing some new songs that have been bootlegged. Check this link out for a download of a live & acoustic take of 3 new Radiohead songs. Much thanks to Heather at I am Fuel You are Friends!

But in the spirit of all things Radiohead, I decided to put up a few songs you may like from some bands that wish they were the great ones.

First is Endochine. This band caused a lot of stir in 2002 with their debut album, Day Two. It looks like they have vanished now, but this record is definitely worth a spin if you're into The Bends.

While The Secret Machines may not have a lot of resemblance to Radiohead on their first two albums, they're latest effort (Ten Silver Drops) is certainly in the same vein at some points. Daddy's In the Doldrums really gave me that "floaty' feeling that Radiohead is inspires when they are at their best.

Muse is certainly the king in the "Radiohead-esque" genre. Showbiz and Absolution are often given harsh reviews for just rehashing The Bends...but sometimes, that's really all I want (and Muse does a hell of a job with it).

Since I'm feeling generous today, I'll put up a few of my favorite tracks from my favorite Radiohead record (you guessed it) - The Bends.

[mp3] Enough About You
[mp3] Stalker
Buy Day Two!

Secret Machines
[mp3] Daddy's In The Doldrums
Buy their albums here.

[mp3] The Small Print
[mp3] Muscle Museum
Buy their albums here.

[mp3] Planet Telex
[mp3] My Iron Lung
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Drive Away

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life's been keepin' me busy. I'll give you all a few updates over the weekend. Now, onto today's post:

God bless the internet super-highway and the information that flows from it...

A few weeks ago I posted every single unreleased Pete Yorn track I've been able to get ahold of. In combination with "I am Fuel, We are Friends" we gave you just about everything that's not on his 2 albums...all except one track.

Thanks to a loyal reader we can fix that now. Now, with no further ado I give you: Drive Away. It's a real rocker, so watch out.

This little track only made it onto the Japanese import of "Day I Forgot". It's a good one, so enjoy. Thanks danielle!!

[mp3] Drive Away

Visit Pete Yorn's official webpage here.
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cool For August: Grand World

It's funny how you can find such excellent music in the bargain bin...all due to record labels making lousy decisions about which records to push and which to lay off. Here's a little info about the band:

Cool For August hit the scene in '97 with the release of their album "Grand World". It must have seemed like the beginning of a huge career for the guys - they had a hit single in "Trials" and were opening for Matchbox 20. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite as planned...

I've been trying to dig up information about these guys for ages, but I just haven't been able to find anything. All I know is that they just plain don't exist anymore...

I must have bought at least 10 copies of this album over the years - no joke. You can find it online for a penny at Amazon and I always check in the bargain bin, you can usually find it there for a few bucks. It's worth it's weight in gold, buy it if you find it!

[mp3] Trials
[mp3] Walk Away

Sorry - no official webpage. Here's a little about them at Wikipedia.
Buy Grand World here - it's listed for one penny!

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Damnwells

I know that lizzy over at Come Pick Me Up has been buzzing about these guys for a while, but I figured I'd help reinforce the buzz...

I first heard of these guys in October of 2004 after an Old 97's concert in Salt Lake City. It was cold and rainy outside of the trashy exit of Brick's, but there were two very persistent people handing out CD singles regardless of the weather. I think I was about the only one who bit and took one, for this I am thankful.

On the ride home I listened to what I came to find out was a promo CD for The Damnwells that included Sleepsinging and Kiss Catastrophe from their recently released LP "Bastards of the Beat". I was so entranced with the CD that I didn't sleep after the 2 hour drive home, I instead looked up as much information as I could on The Damnwells. The next day I went out and bought "Bastards of the Beat".

If you haven't heard their LP, do yourself a favor and go buy it. It's a perfect mix of alt. country and power pop - think Tonic meets "Cold Roses" by Ryan Adams. I've used this CD many times as an introduction to alt country - it's probably the most accessible album the genre has.

I've included a few of my favorite tracks from "Bastards of the Beat" as well as some demos that they have posted on myspace over the past few months.

From "Bastards of the Beat":
[mp3] What You Get
[mp3] Kiss Catastrophe

[mp3] Jesus Could Be Right
[mp3] Soundtrack
[mp3] She's the New York City Skyline

Visit their official webpage here.
Their myspace is here.
Buy The Bastards of the Beat!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

iTunes Single of the Week

Sorry for the downtime yesterday - I was busy with my new Pearl Jam CD. Quite good, go buy it. I'll probably throw a review up this weekend. I'm really diggin' Army Reserve. Anyways, onto today's post:

iTunes has a free single each week. The songs vary in genres and in quality. I decided today that I'll point you in the way of iTunes each week that I find something I like.

This week they posted an acoustic version of The Racontuer's "Steady As She Goes". It's slowed down, a little more groove to it. I highly recommend it. I've also included the song "The Bane Rendition", an instrumental number that landed on the B-side of the Steady As She Goes single.

[iTunes] Steady As She Goes (acoustic)
[mp3] The Bane Rendition

Check out their official website here (I highly recommend a visit).
Pre-order the album here.

Monday, May 01, 2006

One more day!!

It's out tomorrow.

Here's the first single of the album, with the B-side "Unemployable".
I may not post tomorrow, but enjoy the new PJ.

[mp3] World Wide Suicide
[mp3] Unemployable

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