Sunday, April 30, 2006

Eddie Vedder: Covers

During the last few years Eddie has gone out and recorded some covers with a few different bands. I've included the 3 that I've been able to find, all are pretty punk-rockish, but that's what you gotta expect from Eddie.

[mp3] Poor Girl (with The Supersuckers, X cover)
[mp3] Daytime Dilemma (with Zeke, Ramones cover)
[mp3] I Believe in Miracles (with Zeke, Ramones cover)

The above Ramones covers are from the tribute album "We're All a Happy Family".

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Pearl Jam: Unplugged

It's going to be an all-out Pearl Jam fest until Tuesday.

Nirvana really stole the spotlight on MTVs Unplugged concert series in the early '90s, so much so that Pearl Jam's performance was nearly overlooked. The set is short, but agressive (as much as unplugged can be). This take on Black is my favorite of any of the boots I've heard, including the times I've seen them. Intense.

[mp3] (Intro)
[mp3] Oceans
[mp3] State of Love and Trust
[mp3] Alive
[mp3] Black
[mp3] Jeremy
[mp3] Porch
[mp3] Even Flow

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Pearl Jam: Stream the album

I know I'm going to take some heat from this...but I don't care.

I love Pearl Jam and it doesn't really bug me that the indie world has decided that Pearl Jam isn't "cool", I'd rather listen to them then Tapes 'n Tapes any day. I guess I'll just wait until Pitchfork gives this a good review, then all the indie kids will "magically" think PJ is cool again, right?

While I decided I'm going to wait to pop in the self-titled album until Tuesday, you can choose otherwise. Stream the whole thing here.

I've heard the two songs they've released (World Wide Suicide and Unemployable) and it reminds me of the Vs. and Vitalogy days. I've uploaded a few tracks from that era that you may or may not have heard. Alone and Wash were re-recorded and put on the Lost Dogs Double CD but these are the original versions. Brother is worth a listen, even with the sub-par quality. Sonic Reducer and I've Got a Feeling are both covers.

[mp3] Alone
[mp3] Wash
[mp3] Brother
[mp3] Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)
[mp3] I've Got a Feeling (Beatles cover)

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Ryan Adams: Jacksonville out-take

Before I get into today's post I figured I should let all of you know that I officially switched over to a different file server. All of the previous posts have been edited so all of the links now work. If you have trouble downloading any files, please just let me know by commenting or emailing me. Now, onto today's' post:

Jacksonville City Nights was the second release from Ryan in 2005. After Cold Roses I was very excited for this release; sadly, it disappointed. The CD isn't weak, it just wasn't what I was expecting after Cold Roses. If you're looking for another rockin' double disc, you'll also be disappointed since Jacksonville is basically a 50's country album. But if you're into 50's country then you should buy 5 copies.

It's grown on me over time but I really wish this track would have been included. It's called "Tell Me What Sin Replaces Love?" and it was recorded in the Jacksonville sessions. It also made it onto the Japanese version. Damn, they love rock 'n roll over in Japan.

[mp3] What Sin Replaces Love?

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

One last time

I know I've blogged about Pete Yorn a lot in this blogs short little life. Now I've got just one more post, because after this I'm out. I got nothin more Yorn related after this.

If you haven't already checked out Heather's mega-post over at I Am Fuel, You Are Friends, do it now. She posted 14 unreleased Pete Yorn tracks, including a few new ones I've never been able to find.

Since Heather was making a rather definitive list, I decided to put the other few tracks up that I had that weren't included. Mostly covers, download away. I promise I'll have a non-Pete Yorn post tomorrow (unless he releases some more new stuff of course).

[mp3] Panic (Smiths cover, MFTMA Bonus Disc)*
[mp3] Dancin' In the Dark (Springsteen cover, MFTMA Bonus Disc)
[mp3] Girl Like You (Bonus track from MFTMA)
[mp3] Do They Know It's Christmas? (Band Aid cover, The Year They Recalled Santa Claus)
[mp3] I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend (Ramones cover, We're a Happy Family - A Tribute to The Ramones)
[mp3] Strange Condition (Rock Version, MFTMA Bonus Disc)*

I think the only song I haven't been able to track down is "Drive Away". It's listed on the Japanese import of Day I Forgot...and I'm not willing to shell out 50 for one song, so if anyone has it, it would be greatly appreciated!

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*Thanks for digging these out for me Stu!

Damn...I forgot until now how much that rock version of Strange Condition rocks. It really does rock, no foolin' around.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Now, due to popular demand...

I give you 2 new tracks from the (hopefully) forthcoming Pete Yorn album. I've also included the cover "Splendid Isolation" that I bumped into a few weeks ago.

Pete has released 3 tracks from the new album onto myspace over the past few months (though they have now all been taken down), I've only been able to nab 2 of them so far. Here you go, you can thank yourselves for being so demanding.

[mp3] For Us
[mp3] Old Boy
[mp3] Splendid Isolation

Visit Pete's website for the latest news.
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Again, I'm using a new filehost now so if you encounter any problems either email me or post a comment.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Big Paul Strange/Radiojones

The old of 1999 was such a great place for finding music. I still haven't found a place that was as easy to use or that is as loaded with great, free music as that site was. While I was browsing in my middleschool years I happened to stumble across a few artists whom I still follow today. Big Paul Strange was the best of the crop, so I decided I'd share some of his music (and an update) with all of you.

Big Paul Strange (aka Paul Trudeau) was the only person I ever found on that released a full album for free. It's hard to compare the album since it spans so many genres, but as a whole it feels like something The Wallflowers could put out. Paul also showed a knack for writing Beatles-esque songs - check out Mr. Peaceman, Safe Side and Don't Tell Sandy if you love anything post Rubber Soul or Oasis in general.

I wasn't able to find much information about Paul Trudeu until a few years ago, when he posted a few more songs onto He was through using the BPS moniker, now just going as Paul Trudeau. The newer songs followed the same general route as the older material, hard to define but still very catchy.

This last weekend I found another update on Paul. He's now formed a new band (radiojones) that seems to have found some success. I've linked up to 3 songs that are available for download on the radiojones official website.

Big Paul Strange
[mp3] Fireball *
[mp3] Don't Tell Sandy *
[mp3] Walking To Eden
[mp3] Mr. Peaceman
[mp3] Safe Side

Paul Trudeau
[mp3] What's Your Name?
[mp3] Helpless

[mp3] Fireball
[mp3] Desperately
[mp3] Forgotten

Visit for more information and to purchase the new album!

*original recordings from Big Paul Strange. These are NOT the same versions that appear on the radiojones CD.

PS: I'm trying a new file server, it seems to be working a lot better. If it has problems, let me know. I'm planning on re-uploading all the previous songs onto the new server.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Theme music for staring at walls...

It's called "spacing out", man.

Here's some music that can make it happen:

Imaad Wasif: I recently fell in love with Imaad's album via An Aquarium Drunkard. Check his blog out, it's great. The whole album is stripped down, mainly just acoustic guitar with some background to it. It's really spooky, reminds me of what Joseph Arthur sounds like live. He's currently on tour as the opening act for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs AND he's also a member...

[mp3] Into the Static
[mp3] Fade in Me (recommended)

Buy some Imaad Wasif here.

The Secret Machines: It's been said before, but I'll say it again: If Pink Floyd was an indie band, this is what they'd sound like. The new one is outstanding (Alone, Jealous and Stoned). New album out this month (not sure on the US release).

[mp3] Alone, Jealous and Stoned
[mp3] Nowhere Again

Buy some Secret Machines here.

Joseph Arthur: The great one. Just a few from his last LP, Our Shadows Will Remain. More to come on Joseph Arthur soon.

[mp3] Even Tho
[mp3] Wasted

Buy some Joseph Arthur here.

Enjoy. Just don't be late for work.

PS: Zutons d/l should work. Let me know if you have any other downloading problems, just comment on it!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Redwalls: Best new band of '05?

Last summer I ran across The Redwalls in the most unlikely way. I was in Salt Lake with my fiance and her 8 year old brother and we decided to stop and look around at a record store. While there Austin (her brother) was running around and throwing on headphones, just listening to whatever was playing on them. After a few minutes he approached me, saying "You'll like this one, come listen!"

I was expecting some kind of disgusting dance/pop a la Britney Spears or other such trash, but instead I was treated with what sounded like a band straight out of the '60s that had somehow slipped under the radar. I found out the CD was De Nova by The Redwalls, but I didn't have any money to buy the CD right then.

A few weeks later while browsing an indie shop in town my friend came across the same CD, we picked it up along with the new Abandoned Pools. Now, 8 months later, the AP CD is in the trash and The Redwalls is in high rotation. I've included links to a few of my favorite tracks off of their latest release "De Nova", as well as a bonus track "Memories" only released in Japan.

PS: Post some comments already! Just click on the link that says how many comments there anonymous users can post comments!

[mp3] Robinson Crusoe
[mp3] Front Page
[mp3] Memories

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pete Yorn: New Album??

Pete has been toying with all of us for the past year with hints of a new album. He's posted a few unreleased songs (who knows if they're going on the album though) on myspace over the past few months but those were taken down this last week. His website has yet to be updated and we still have no news about this supposed 20 track album.

Although things look a little bleak, I'll keep holding out. Here's a few older Pete tracks that didn't make it either of his albums. Seventeen was s bonus track from Day I Forgot. I'm honestly not sure where You Never Knew came from - I believe it was a demo from MFTMA.

[mp3] Seventeen
[mp3] You Never Knew

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

SLC Bands Part III: Palomino

All that talk about Glen Phillips made me think of one of my favorite SLC bands, Palomino. When Glen came through town last April he put on a fantastic show, one of the most memorable for me last year. The Blue Merle opened up for him, along with the last second addition of Palomino.

I'm very thankful that Palomino played this show, otherwise I probably would have never heard of them. Their blend of pop, rock and country is very sweet to the ears. Download "Being Alone" below for a taste of their Alt-Country goodness.

[mp3] Being Alone

Palomino's website seems to be down right now, but their myspace is here.
Their official webiste is here (when it comes back up).

Glen Phillips: Demos

Better known as the frontman for the early 90's sensation Toad the Wet Sprocket, Glen Phillips truly came into his own last year with the release of "Winter Pays For Summer". While it doesn't seem that his former label (Lost Highway) agrees with me on this, I put "Winter..." down in my top 10 albums released last year.

So, with the announcement of not just one, but two (2) new releases in the next month by Glen, I thought I'd post a few demos to get everyone in the mood. Check out the demo for "Easier", a song that ended up appearing on "Winter..." as well as a demo for Marigolds from the upcoming "Mr. Lemons". I've always preferred the demo of Easier compared to the version that appeared on the album - the version for d/l here is just a little darker, more rock.

[mp3] Easier (Demo)
[mp3] Marigolds (Demo)

Check out Glen's site for more info on his upcoming LP "Mr. Lemons" as well as the recently released EP "Unlucky 7" featuring out-takes from "Winter Pays For Summer".

Buys some Glen here.

PS: There's some streams from "Mr. Lemons" at Glen's Myspace.

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Zutons - Tired of Hangin' Around

The Zutons have a new CD out next week. Unfortunately for us in the US, it's a UK only release for the time being, so I may have to pay an import price to get one to me.

I've managed to snag a few tracks from the upcoming album, it sounds just as rockin' as the last one, so get ready!

[mp3] Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?
[mp3] Hello Conscience

Pre-order the new album here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Flickerstick: Before BOTR

Flickerstick easily qualifies as one of my favorite bands of all time - and just with 2 albums out. I (like most who found them) first saw them on VH1's Bands on the Run. I was hooked, and I will also proudly say it was the first and last reality show I've ever seen.

The thing that set Flickerstick apart from the other bands was their talent. They were all lazy bastards, they never took part in -any- competitions, and when they did they lost. Luckily for them (and me) VH1 had a battle of the bands before kicking any band off. Whomever won the battle couldn't be kicked off. Flickerstick won every single time. They can just flat out put on a show - none of the other bands had half of the live presence that Flickerstick does. Essentially, this is why VH1 canceled the series - Flickerstick broke the formula, so it wasn't worth trying again. Too bad.

I recently rediscovered some unreleased Flickerstick from their early days. The discography from this time is a little tough to come by, but from what I can decipher these seem to have been on the "Chloroform The One You Love" EP, out a few years before their first release on 226 records (Welcoming Home the Astronauts).

I know, the MP3s are encoded at a low bitrate, but it's as high as I could find them. Just remember - this is EARLY demos, not what they're doing right now. I'll be posting more Flickerstick sometime in the future, so take what you hear now and multiply it by about 1000, that's how much better they sound now.

[mp3] International
[mp3] Supersonic Dreamer

Buy some Flickerstick here.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Raconteurs: White Stripes + Brendan Benson + REAL drummer = fantastic

I promised the guys in my band I'd get this one up today. Sorry it's late, I guess today turned into yesterday since the promise was made Tuesday...

I've had a long and flirtatious love affair with The White Stripes. I first heard "Fell in Love With a Girl" when it came out back in the day and it made me believe that music videos may be viable...I don't think I've seen one since. But that one kicked ass. I loved Elephant, but I could never really bring myself to buy their latest album for one reason - I'm a better drummer than Meg White. The worst part is, I'm terrible, but I've even sat in for our drummer warming up for one show and played Seven Nation Army flawlessly.

My love affair for Brendan Benson is much more fleeting, it only started a year ago when I saw him open for Keane in Salt Lake. He rocked the house, much better than Keane could ever hope to be.

So what do these two gentleman have to do with one another? I'm sure most of the bloggers out there already know, but to those of you who don't, I let the cat out of the bag that it's already been kicked back into: Jack White and Brendan Benson have formed a super-group (the best since Zwan!) with a real drummer. My dream come true! Check out the downloads below to hear the new stuff (band name = The Raconteurs) and a few links to some of my favorite tunes from their previous efforts.

The Raconteurs

[mp3] Steady As She Goes
[mp3] Store Bought Bones

No CD yet - out in May. Website below:

The White Stripes

[mp3] Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
[mp3] I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

Buy White Stripes CDs here.

Brendan Benson

[mp3] Alternative To Love
[mp3] Spit It Out

Buy Brendan Benson CDs here.

Ryan Adams: Cowboy Technical Sessions

In 2005 Ryan Adams re-established himself as the most prolific modern-day American songwriter by releasing 3(!) albums during the calendar year. Three albums in one year certainly seems outrageous in today's music scene, but if you look at Ryan's recording history then it becomes apparent that 2005 only comes out a bit higher than average. Fortunately for us, he was able to officially release nearly everything he recorded last year - this hasn't always been the case.

In total, Ryan has officially released 15 albums (with Whiskeytown, the Cardinals and as a solo artist). Even with all these official releases Ryan has managed to hit the studio approximately 15 more times during these years, with only about 12 tracks surfacing on official releases (i.e. Demolition). Today, I'll let you in on one of my favorites of these sexism's - The Cowboy Technical Sessions.

It's just 3 tracks, but they all hit home. Ghost is one of my favorite tunes, I never really understood why it never saw the light of day. My Love For You Is Real is just beautiful, no other way to describe it. Liar is the pure punch-in-the-gut rock that Ryan only gives out occasionally. This is a rough cut, it has since been re-recorded and released as a B-side. This version is much shorter, and much more aggressive.

For more info on Ryan's recordings, see here:

Answering Bell - Ryan Adams Discography


[mp3] Ghost
[mp3] My Love For You Is Real
[mp3] Liar

Buy some Ryan Adams here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SLC Bands Part II: The Brobecks

Part II of the SLC feature:

Here's another band that you should -not- pass up. The infectious blend of piano rock with that good old fashion middle school pop-punk sensabillity a'la Green Day is just too much to resist. While I've somehow managed to blow every chance I've had to see these guys live, I reckon I'll see them soon - but their recordings say it all. I'd imagine that this is what Coldplay would sound like if they spent more time getting up in your grill rather than on self-contemplation. Sometimes you just have to rock the socks off. Check out the links below for a sampling of what this band can offer.

The Brobecks - Better Than Me

The Brobecks - Sleeping Pills

Buy Brobecks CDs from their website (below):

Monday, April 10, 2006


You may remember the band Neve from various soundtracks in the late '90s (The Faculty, Here on Earth) or you may not. If you ever heard anything from them, you may now be wondering (or at least I was) what happened to this band. Since one of this band's songs (3 years) was chosen for my senior prom, they have a special spot for me and I went about digging around the internet for some information of their whereabouts.

What I found was that the band has (more or less) renamed themselves as "Genius" and they're readying a new CD. I've included a download link for two of the new songs "Pretend" and "Afraid", both a bit more rockin' than the poppier songs Neve released, as well as a few unreleased gems from the Neve days. If you're interested in seeing more of this material, let me know and I'll throw some more up.



Neve (Unreleased):

Wake Up

Buy Neve CDs here.

SLC Bands Part I: Tolchock Trio

This is the first in a series I'll be doing this week spotlighting a few bands from my backyard. If you haven't heard of these bands, check 'em out now, if you've seen their names on flyers, now you have even more reason to see them.

If you don't know this band yet, you should. The Tolchock Trio hails from Salt Lake City, UT and after a succesful showing at SXSW last month things are looking bright. My band had the good fortune of playing with these guys a few months ago and I must say, they put on one of the better shows I've ever seen. Think Muse meets The Pixies. I've included a link below for a free download of their song, "Wolf Eyes". Yes, yes, I know there's four of them - but it used to be a trio...I'm assuming they just don't want to change their name now.

Download Wolf Eyes

Buy Tolchock Trio CDs from their website (below):